David Gee worked in the construction field for over 30 years before deciding to retire.  He has expert knowledge in all aspects of construction, from new home construction, to interior design, renovations, remodeling, electrical, plumbing, insulation, painting  and roofing.

After retiring, David found that many of his friends and people that he knew seemed to be asking questions about contracting, work being done or that had been done on their homes or about work that they were thinking about doing, and he began to realize  that many people didn’t trust contractors.  Then after looking at a couple of construction projects that his friends had done he also realized  that many so called contractors were far from experts in their field, and oftentimes the work that had been done wasn’t up to par.

Ideas started circulating in David’s head:

  • If only there were someone that people could turn to before hiring a contractor or starting a construction project.
  • If only there were someone that people could call for help when dealing with their contractor.
  • If only there were someone that could point out problems and advise on how to fix them.
  • If only there were someone that people could hire to confirm that their construction project was up to par and remained on track.
  • If only!

And those ideas peculated in David’s head until  the Residential Construction Adviser emerged.

  • Someone that people could call before beginning a construction project.
  • Someone that people could hire to look at work being done and tell them whether it was being done correctly, and if not advise on what needed to be done.
  • Someone that could assist home owners in the planning and budgeting stages of their project, then work with them from start to finish.
  • Someone that would be there for them when needed, and who could solve any problems that arose.
  • Someone that can be there from start to finish, and save owners time, money and frustration!

David Gee, the Residential Construction Advisor, stands ready to assist home owners with anything having to do with residential construction.  Call us today at (469) 774-8559 and find out what David can do for you!