For a limited time, Residential Construction Advisor is offering a complete pre-construction consultations for $349.  We offer pre-construction consulting services for new home constructions, interior and exterior renovations and remodeling.  Our pre-construction consultation includes:

  • Discussion of project scope and viability
  • Planning and design
  • Lot or Space evaluation
  • Site Utilization and logistics
  • Materials selection
  • Permitting requirements
  • Budget estimating
  • Phase analysis

Residential Construction Advisor offers all of our services at a standard rate of $499 per hour.  Our services may include a pre-construction consultation in which we will discuss your project, design concepts, what is and is not possible, materials to be used, assist in establishing a workable budget, and virtually all aspects of your project.

If you have already hired a contractor and begun construction, but are having problems in communicating with your contractor or don’t think the work is being done right or as quickly as it should be, call the Residential Construction Advisor and let us take a look at what your contractor is doing and let you know whether the project is being done correctly, or if there are any issues that need attention.  Of, if you just can’t seem to meet eye to eye with the contractor, we can act as your liaison.

Residential Construction Advisor is also here to step in and evaluate the work and/or progress on in-process projects and point out any issues or areas requiring attention and offer solutions to correct the problems and get the project back on track.

We also offer weekly or monthly inspections of large ongoing projects, and can provide quality inspection services.  Call us today to discuss your project, needs and establish pricing.

Residential Construction Advisor is also available to provide complete project oversight for home owners who are interested in acting as their own general contractor or in being more involved in the project.  Call us today and tell us what you need and we’ll show you how we can help and offer a fair price quote.